Welcome to Amigos Hospitalito Atitlan

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Amigos Hospitalito Atitlán (“Amigos”) is a U.S. nonprofit corporation formed to provide financial, material and human resources in support of subsidized healthcare services in rural Guatemala.  We seek to support Guatemalan charitable organizations that have strong roots in their local communities and which are able to leverage our support with a broad base of donors and volunteers.

We have determined that our mission will be best achieved by focusing our support on Hospitalito Atitlán, located in the city of Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala.  Hospitalito Atitlán, operated by the Guatemalan nonprofit organization, Asociación Pro Salud, Educación Y Desarrollo “K’aslimaal”, meets a desperate need for preventative, chronic and acute healthcare in the rural community of Santiago Atitlán.  As an institution, it has earned the support over recent years of innumerable medical and non-medical volunteers, and is well supported within Guatemala.

Amigos has awarded to K’aslimaal an operational grant to support subsidies of medical treatment at Hospitalito Atitlán.  The grant awards consist of financial, organizational, technical and marketing support.